At the Favorita Park, in the broader plan of “Le Domenica Favorita” event, there will be the inauguratin of a permanent MTB and cyclo-cross trail, preceeded by the creation of the picnic area. On the 9th June at 9 AM at the Scuderie Reali di Casa Natura, the inauguration will take place at the presence of the Mayor of the city and of the two sponsors Mercato San Lorenzo and Bibite Polara. After months of work – says Marco Lampasona of the Committee “La Domenica Favorita”- we have managed to achieve a stable path for MTB and CX within the Park. We hope that it will soon be the setting for national and international competitions, given the beauty of the trail of about 4-km. We will work with the Italian Cycling Federation to promote the track. Meantime, daily, all the enthusiasts car run it  for free. The project-concludes Lampasona- demonstrates how collaboration between public and private is the key-process to enhance our territory.