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Bike rental

Try the Bike rental service in Palermo. We offer a wide variety of bicycles (also with pedal assistance) for adults and children


Individual or group bike tours, led by expert guides, to discover Sicily

Daily experiences

Half or full day group excursions by bike to discover our lands, at slow pace


We believe in sustainable tourism

consequently we have a specific sustainability policy

Sicicla for soustainable tourism
Sicicla for responsible tourism
Cycle tours in sustainability

We are committed to making a low impact on the environment, while ensuring a positive experience for our guests. To take full account of our impacts, here are some of our personal choices:

✔ Minimal impact : our philosophy is to travel light, making as invisible footsteps as possible. We put a special effort in having a minimal impact in our natural surroundings.

✔ Food & waste : depending on the season, we serve local produce, anytime it’s possible.

✔ Guests with special needs : we believe that disabilities and handicap are not an obstacle to take part in outdoor activities. Guests with special needs are welcome to join our trips, and we will do our best to adapt the activity. We are proud to organise special events and holidays for such groups.

✔ Meaningful experience : we work hard to ensure a meaningful experience, provide excellent hospitality and maintain a high level of satisfaction among our guests, raising and promoting sustainable tourism practices.

✔ Pollution :Tourism can cause the same forms of pollution as any other industry: air emissions; noise pollution; solid waste and littering; sewage; oil and chemicals. We tend to keep it low by adopting eco-friendly measures and by preferring cycling and walking over vehicles.



Sicicla is a dynamic tour operator, specialized in cycling tours in Sicily and Palermo and in responsible and active holidays.

Our philosophy is that of the slow journey, where you allow yourself to be completely captivated and carried away by the colourful sights and scents of the places you travel through. We invite you to glide along at slow pace, walking or cycling along quiet roads far from traffic, close to nature and immersed in the local traditions of the places we encounter along the way.

Whether you are looking for a purely relaxing holiday where you can discover new lands, our objective is to help you enjoy the scents, colours and wonderful landscapes of our magical routes, in total comfort. Our attentive and dynamic team will follow you on your journey, supporting you with advice and recommendations along the way.

We recommend to our customers the itinerant holiday model,
designed and organized in every single detail

Tourist Accommodations

We select only comfortable hotels in historic centres and / or special accommodations, such as charming agritourism and resorts, surrounded by areas of great natural and landscape interest.


Restaurants and menus chosen with special attention , because we believe that also by tasting good local foods you can know and appreciate the places visited.


To all our customers, we offer and guarantee an insured luggage transport for transfers from hotel to hotel.

Guaranteed holidays

Book without worries by relying on a tour operator that guarantees you in all circumstances. Your holiday is protected not only by our RCT policy but also by the “Happy Holidays” guarantee fund in case of bankruptcy. Upon request, you can also activate a “Travel cancellation policy”.

Itineraries designed by us

We are a team of tourism professionals, but first of all we are travelers and cyclists who love to share the passion for traveling by bike in our land of which we know strengths and weaknesses. Our tours and daily excursions are active tourism holiday experiences designed and organized in every detail.


We will always be by your side from your first request to the last day of the tour you choose. You will be able to enjoy your chosen holiday knowing that in case of need you will always have someone ready to help you.